Use Cases

Emani lets you crowdsource insight from global networks, giving you robust, granular insight for the following use cases:

  • human intelligence and security risk analysis
  • conflict monitoring
  • social behaviour change communications
  • social risk monitoring
  • public relations

Human intelligence

DataMinr tells you what is happening. Emani tells you why.

Risk analysts need to understand local contexts and events well enough to anticipate security incidents and other developments that threaten their clients' operations. Emani provides total geographic coverage in countries of subscription, meaning you can ask local people anywhere the questions you need to proactively keep assets safe.Talk to us about human insight in fragile environments now.

Political Risk

Locally-sourced data are most critical where they are most difficult to collect.

Dialogue with local communities is essential to understanding how conflicts are developing, where the next threats will emerge from, and what this means for commercial and humanitarian response. Could Emani communities on the ground in the Sahel, North Africa the Horn of Africa, and Afghanistan, help your analysts stay on top of developments? Talk to us about conflict monitoring now.

Social and Behaviour Change

Up-to-date insight into the knowledge, attitudes and practices of target audiences is a prerequisite for effective programming.

The expense involved with formative research means that many SBCC programmes are limited on a thin evidence base. Even where robust baseline studies are conducted, the reality on the ground can change so quickly that insights are quickly out of date. Could Emani's continuous offline survey tool help you monitor more accurately and cost-effectively? Talk to us about SBCC now.

Social Risk Monitoring

As ESG becomes increasingly important to investment and insurance decisions globally, the lack of data from emerging and frontier markets is no trivial issue.

Social risk indicators are particularly difficult to measure. Emani's crowdsourcing model and modelling formula allows you to dynamically monitor and map social risk indicators from forced to child labour at a subnational level. Customers can track which regions offer the greatest threats and protections based on a blend of local and expert views. Talk to us about social risk monitoring now.

Public Perceptions

Public polling has long been seen as an arduous task best left to expensive experts.

Even as online polling tools proliferate, populations in emerging and frontier markets are not present enough on Facebook or Twitter to provide a meaningful sample. What if you could identify any village, town or city in the country and conduct rapid checks of the pulse of public opinion? Emani's custom survey platform lets you do just that: choose your questions, choose your (offline) audience, and submit the survey. Talk to us about public polling now.

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