Hyper-local insights
Accurately assess risk at district level.
Live dashboards
No more slow surveys with up-to-date insights delivered directly to your browser.
Tailored to you
See what locals think of your brand, people, and projects.
Meaningful community engagement
Know what communities want and how they are reacting to your initiative.

Go beyond security alerts

Connect with locals to understand why events happen. What leading factors can you identify now that will put your assets at risk later?

Subjective security indicators

Robust, scaled, community-driven insights on objective safety and security measures and your bespoke security profile. 

Trends and prediction

Go deeper than country risk profiles and generic security profiles – anticipate how locals expect risks to your people, property, and brand to emerge.

Risk assessments

Realise dynamic risk management strategies – be alerted when the local community rating starts to pull away from your risk rating.


Harness the power of statistics – complement anecdotal information from local consultants through robust, scaled insights.


Know what local communities think of your people, property and brand – and what will bring them on side with your project.

"DataMinr tells us what is happening, Emani tells us why"

Smart approach to community-driven insight


Collective community insights into neighbourhood safety so you can plan how to keep people and assets safe.


Verified contributors from a cross-section of society provide statistically robust data.

Early Warning

Find out where locals expect dangers and annoyances to occur – before they occur.


Continually-updating data allows you to dynamically assess risks and keep ratings and mitigation measures relevant.


Emani data scientists ensure the accuracy and reliability of insights.

Products built for risk, security and business
continuity professionals

Secure neighborhood maps

Access heatmaps showing, at the district level, how communities report on standard and tailored public safety indicators and critical infrastructure reports. Set up alerts so you know when ratings change.

Man texting while sitting on his bike, Nigeria

Bespoke surveys

Best practice demands information is tailored specifically to the client security profile. Tailored surveys help to plan protection and deterrence resource levels and help to guide community liaison resources to the least engaged communities.

Customisable dashboard

Data collected from bespoke surveys delivered directly to you via continually updating dashboards – no more unread reports.

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