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More accurate and efficient political risk underwriting in emerging and frontier markets.

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Connect with the community for privileged local risk insight.

Smart approach to community-driven insight

Political risk underwriters and brokers have typically needed to rely on broad, often generic country risk ratings in order to price risk. These ratings obscure the dynamic, nuanced reality on the ground. Hearing about an insured asset in the media or via a security alert usually means the insured asset’s risk profile changed a long time ago.

The best risk profiles respond to unique and changing vulnerability of an asset. Real risk varies according to where the asset is, what local perceptions are of the asset, and the capabilities or attitude of law enforcement towards protecting it. Risk rating agencies almost never get down to this level of granularity, and when they do, they too often rely on opinions, not data. Experts in political risk typically have great command of high-level political affairs but much less appreciation of the dramatic variances between neighbourhoods.

We have an uncontroversial thesis at Emani: that local people know their neighbourhoods best. When we can harness their insight at scale, we can pick up signals that show something is amiss. This is crowdsourced, layperson forecasting. But it is remarkably effective and cost-efficient.



Your brand, your people, your project.


Verified contributors,   robust data.


Alerts when ratings change.


Keep pace with rapidly changing views.


Powered by Emani data scientists for accurate and reliable insights.

Built for underwriters with an eye on emerging and frontier markets

The Emani platform generates scaled insights from local communities to help underwriters:

  1. Differentiate between physical risks within a city to identify the most profitable risks – Live, ward-level risk ratings, so you can see at a glance the vulnerability of assets, for example, in the north of Lagos versus the north-east.
  2. Capture incidents and sentiments that social and mainstream media miss – Qualitative insights delivered directly from local people and analysed for rising, anti-asset sentiment.

These insights allow underwriters to offer the best premiums to diligent customers who incorporate social risk factors into their political risk management strategies – and avoid adversely selecting customers who expose their assets to unnecessary, elevated risk.

Data as a service

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