Research expertise and technology combine with verified global networks of local people to deliver critical insights on issues that matter.

Emani Rapid Community Surveys

Local and social media feeds can deliver fast breaking news. But when affected people can't get online or fake news clouds your feed, going straight to the source is essential.

Find out what local people see, think, and feel within 48 hours, regardless of their access to smartphones and the internet.

Do it yourself with our survey builder or make a data request and let us do it for you. Cleaned dataset and results dashboard included.

Complex Design

The choice used to be between expensive field surveys and limited use online surveys.

Emani Complex Design lets you get statistically representative survey data using sampling designs that suit your information needs.

Co-design your projects with our research experts. Have your data ready within two weeks. Cleaned dataset, results dashboard, and methodology write-up included.

Local Pulse Monitor

Routine and reliable insights on topics you choose that go beyond what local and social media can tell you.

Tell us which geographies and topics interest you. We'll survey the Emani network in these areas. Data collection repeated at regular (monthly or more frequent) intervals allows trend analyses.

We also offer comparative analysis to what appears in the broader local and social media. Alerts appear directly in your inbox to keep you informed.


Engage Emani's research experts and global network of coordinators for custom projects.

Our team has delivered multi-country mixed methods research projects for the World Bank, UN, humanitarian NGOs, UK FCDO, EU governments, and the US State Department.

Specialist knowledge covers climate change and sustainability, disaster response, rural livelihoods, transnational crime and justice, human trafficking, and human mobility.

Building human networks that care about your project

Reliable insight in so-called "low data" environments is difficult. Internet connectivity issues plague survey tools that rely on app downloads and social media engagement. SMS and automated voice survey tools risk being viewed as spam - annoyed people give unreliable responses. Doing research the traditional way can tie up project managers in a maze of security clearance, compliance - and long-haul travel.

We're changing all of that with purpose-built communities who know and trust Emani. A network of local coordinators make sure our membership is diverse and motivated, and recruit custom samples for your more complex projects.