Hyper-local insights
Compare views between neighbourhoods
Live dashboards
Skip survey research and reports
Tailored to you
Ask questions specific to your brand, people, and projects.
Meaningful community engagement
Regular, repeat data to monitor attitudes towards your people, project or property

Hear directly from communities

Harness the power of statistics –  robust, scaled insights, alongside quotes directly from contributors

Know how consumers experience people, property and brand.

Smart approach to community-driven insight


To brand, people, and project.


Verified contributors,   robust data.


Alerts when ratings change.


Keep pace with rapidly changing views.


Powered by Emani data scientists for accurate and reliable insights.

Products built for investors

Information at your fingertips

Geospatial analysis

Map insights across neighbourhoods. Set up alerts so you know when ratings change.

Write your own questions

Tailor data collection – and information visuals – to your project’s specific needs.

Customisable dashboard

Actionable insights delivered directly to you via live dashboards – no more unread reports.

Data as a service

Access insights via beautiful visuals or data direct from the API.

Alerts & Notifications

Contributors get access to alerts/notification about neighbourhood

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