Our Story

Our journey as founders

Before Emani, we directed research across Africa and Asia for businesses, NGOs and UN agencies. We did some great work, but two problems kept coming up. 

First, our ways of collecting data were slow and expensive – data quality often suffered as a result. 

Second, the research subjects – local communities – struggled to believe the benefits of our work.

Building communities that trust

We wanted our customers to have more reliable insight into the places they work, and to reward the people who provided it. For that, we needed to change the fly-in, fly-out model of consulting and research.

In late 2020, we built our first communities in Kabul and Lagos. By mid-2021, communities covered the whole of Afghanistan and Nigeria. We now have teams on standby in 15 more countries.

Prioritising the local, globally

Our mission is to use technology to celebrate diversity: to adapt and customise Emani to every community, in every place we work. 


Our Team

Paul Clewett

Our CEO founded Emani after seven years directing research in fragile contexts across Africa and Asia. He’s passionate about how technology can drive better results for business and the communities they work with. He lives between Mumbai and London. 

Shireen Issa

Our COO joined Emani after 15 years  providing technical leadership on monitoring in conflict- and disaster-affected environments. She speaks English, French and Urdu, and marshals Emani’s global team of staff and consultants from her base in Abu Dhabi.

Mit Bhuptani

Our Lead Engineer is a full stack developer with a passion for learning that has seen him add machine learning to a flourishing skill set that spans the Emani tech stack. Mit solves problem after problem from his base in Ahmedabad, with regular in-person sprints with the CEO and COO in Dubai.

Blessing Oladunjoye

Our Nigeria Community Manager joined Emani to set up our community in Nigeria. Blessing’s communication and facilitation skills from her career in journalism have let us build a thriving national network in Nigeria – key to our capability. She also supports the recruitment and training of community managers in Afghanistan, Kenya and elsewhere.

Devika Menon

Our Operations Officer lives in New Delhi, has a background in international development (and professional baking). She is a Xero wizard, ensuring our books are in order and everyone gets paid on time.

Freelancers and contractors

Appreciation to the following freelancers who continue to support our development: Deepika Chandel (web design), Abiola Ajibola (back-end dev), Jianbo (front-end dev), Juan Paulo Olandez (graphic design), Yuliya Yeryemyeyeva (prototype design).

We would recommend them all.

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