Critical local information, globally.

Leverage the eyes and ears of local people in low information environments.

Emani lets you survey people in our community (or the employees, contractors, and beneficiaries in yours) via SMS, WhatsApp, low-bandwidth online forms and more.

Why does international business use Emani?

  • Check the pulse of public opinion in remote Adamawa, Yobe and Borno.
  • Understand the most prevalent security risks in each neighbourhood of key African cities.
  • Fill gaps in public health statistics and COVID-19 attitudes in Lagos.
  • Monitor community perceptions of conflict in Niger and Burkina Faso.
  • Regularly and automatically source updates from employees and contractors at operations sites in multiple African countries.
  • Continually monitor beneficiaries’ knowledge, attitudes and practices in settlements for displaced communities.

The right information, right away.

Emani exists in three parts - DataSource, DataStream, and DataPlatform - so you pay only for what you need.



Emani DataSource gives you access to our communities around the world. You choose your questions, we get you answers.

We build communities of verified respondents who trust us. Even if your inquiry is a one off, you'll benefit from Emani's lasting relationship with community members.



Whatever the data source, it needs to be in shape and ready to go when you receive it.

Emani DataStream sends data from the field to our database. It then translates foreign-language responses, removes erroneous entries and transforms it into the format required.



DataPlatform visualises insights. For each indicator, the platform automates live, interactive visuals in multiple formats. Check how responses break down by age, gender, status and more, and see how trends are evolving over time.

Easily access underlying data too, so you can recreate your own graphics.

How it works


Log in to Emani's web application.

Onboard your own networks or subscribe to ours.

Design your subscription and custom survey questions.

See live results within hours, from snapshot views to trends over time.

Collecting human insight doesn't have to be painful

Many of us have come to expect monitoring mechanisms, public polling, and human intelligence gathering in complex environments to take weeks or months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Analysts still spend hundreds of hours each month using traditional, analogue methods: making phone calls, sending emails, and travelling to remote regions. 

An while new tools, like DataMinr have transformed how quickly we are notified about key events, we still struggle to understand why things happen and what drives local people to do what they do.

 The thoughts, feelings and observations of people on the ground, local people who understand the context better than international consultants and foreign correspondents.

Who are these local experts? You know them already: in-country colleagues, suppliers, contractors and partners. And if you don’t, we’re here to fill the gap.

Communicating efficiently across the globe, whether with people in your own networks or ours, is essential to getting the right information at the right time. 

Built for Impact

We’re proud to be part of a new generation of technology startups locking impact into their business model. See what Emani’s commitment to positive change means for you.

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