Information from your people and ours, globally.

Actionable insights direct to crisis managers

We think you’ll agree, when it comes to mitigating and managing crisis, real people are the most important source of information.  How we manage that data flow makes a big difference in the extent of human or economic loss in a crisis.

Email, telephone, and data-heavy apps will only get you so far – and slowly. Emani lets you request information from employees, send ad-hoc and repeat surveys to local communities, or ask for input from fixers and consultants via WhatsApp and other platforms. See the results organised and analysed on a simple platform.

Emani Platform & Emani Data Source

Emani offers three packages: technology only, data only or data and technology. You’ll only ever pay for what you actually use. 

Emani Platform – for customers with pre-existing networks. Our customers often already have hundreds or thousands of employees, contractors, consultants, fixers or other associates around the world. They have incredibly useful insights to share but the channels to do so don’t exist. The Emani platform lets you onboard your network, send information requests, and automatically visualise and analyse the information coming back in. 

Emani Data Source – insights from our local communities. In some parts of the world, you don’t have people on the ground. Or you need a read on what local communities think, see or feel. We stand up communities and continually build trust – even when you’re not directly interacting with them. You can then push out your own ad–hoc questions and mini-polls and get the data back in days.

Emani Platform + Emani Data Source. Combine data from your networks and Emani’s communities with our powerful analytical platform.

Use cases - for analysts and crisis managers

Human intelligence

Direct reports of what's happening and why - from the mouths of local people.

Political Risk

Modulate high level, slow-changing country risk ratings with granular, current data.

Employee Travel Management

Two-way comms with travelling staff, without the annoying app.

ESG Verification

Check how communities in emerging/ frontier markets view the corporate citizens you invest in.

Public Perceptions

Track knowledge, attitudes and practices at a hyperlocal level.

How it works


Create an account in and purchase a subscription

Subscribe to one of our global communities or onboard your own

Set up your community interactions, together with our success team.

Create your own ad-hoc, custom inquiries to submit to the community.

You're not the only one spending hours on spreadsheets and phone calls

Most crisis teams spend hundreds of hours each month making phone calls or sending emails to get the information they need from around the globe. Scraping Twitter and local media only yields the most superficial information.

Connecting with human insight is incredibly important. But the people we rely on for delivering these insights – whether employees, consultants or acquaintances are just that – human. An effective tool recognises this, making it easy for them to communicate with you. (Too often, new solutions require you to download another app.) 

Fast-growing affection for WhatsApp across the world and across community segments – from old to young, rich to poor – means that we can automate your crucial communication in a way that meets people where they are. And advances in machine learning and interactive data visualisation mean that you can tell a clear yet compelling story with the data.

Communicating efficiently across the globe, whether with people in your own networks or ours, is essential to getting the right information at the right time. 

Built for Impact

We’re proud to be part of a new generation of technology startups locking impact into their business model. See what Emani’s commitment to positive change means for you.

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